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Public Opinion Survey - Pollster 


Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick

Arizona Senate

Citizens for School Choice

The Goldwater Institute

Arizona House of Representatives

Arizona Capitol Times

New American Economy


Maricopa Integrated Health System

Arizona Assn. of Realtors

ABC News (local) 15 News

Tucson Electric Power

Blue Cross/Shield (AZ and National)

Salt River Project

Freeport McMoRan

Arizonans for Responsible Water

Arizona Cattlemen Assn.

Arizona Farmers Assn.

Arizona Chamber of Commerce

Northern Arizona University

Stand for Children

Fiesta Bowl

John McCain

Arizona Technology Council

Gila River Indian Community

Western Growers Assn.


TV, Radio, the Web... Yep: 

TV: Joe Arizona

Radio: Taxes

Web & Campaign: Proposition 303

Advertising: Vaping and Mail

Social: Right to Try

Media: Stop the HIT

Polling: Proposition 400

"When we're not walking legislative or congressional hallways, we run their campaigns... our business model works that way"

Initiative and Other Campaigns

2000 McCain Arizona Presidential Primary

2002 No of Prop 202- Citizens Growth Mgmnt Initiative

2002 Yes on Local Wal-Mart re-zoning issues –  (10 for 11)

2003 Phoenix Hotel Initiative –Stop Government Overreach 

2003 Yes on 414 – Maricopa Integrated Health System

2004 People for Arizona – Gaming Initiative

2004 Maricopa 20/20 Regional Transportation Plan

2005 Mesa Riverview – Rezone 

2008 Freedom in Health Care Choice  

2008 McCain Presidential Campaign 

2012 Proposition 457 – Save Police and Fire

2014 Proposition 303 – Right to Try Campaign

Arizona and National IE 2012  

92% win rate

3 Corporation Commission Races

16 Arizona Legislative Races

3 City Races

2 Ballot Measures

12 United States Congressional Races

1 United States Senate Race

Arizona and National IE 2014

89% win rate

1 Governor Race

1 Attorney General Race

8 Arizona Legislative Races

1 City Race

1 Ballot Measure

1 Out of State Lt. Governor Race

17 United States  Congressional Races

Arizona and National IE 2016

91% win rate

2 Corporation Commission Races

7 Arizona Legislative Races

3 City Races

2 Ballot Measures

12 United States Congressional Races

1 United States Senate Race

Arizona and National IE 2018

94% win rate

10 Arizona Legislative Races

9 United States Congressional Races

2 City Races

Gibson McKay, Principal

A nationally recognized, award winning public affairs and government relations professional, Gibson McKay is a pre-eminent political strategist, campaign authority and lobbyist. 

The architect of more than 150 successful initiatives, referendums and candidate campaigns at the state, local and national level, McKay achieves results by safely guiding his clients through treacherous political terrain. 


Prior to launching Sherpa Public Affairs, he was a founding Director of Veridus, one of Arizona’s most prestigious government relations lobbying firms. His work includes public affairs, legislative analysis, public opinion surveys, advertising/communication and overseeing the execution of complex communication/lobbying and campaign strategies.

Before leveraging his public affairs acumen to help Veridus gain a sterling reputation, he served as Maricopa County Chief of Staff and later as Director of Government Relations and Communications for Maricopa Integrated Health System.  As director of HighGround Public Affairs division, McKay helped the firm become what it is today. Gib, as he is known, operated as Director - lobbying on behalf of the Home Builders Association of Central Arizona.

He is well known to have aided Governor J. Fife Symington in establishing the Arizona Department of Gaming, acting as Communications Chief – he was pivotal in establishing Arizona’s Indian gaming compacts.

Shaping his philosophy, McKay cut his teeth working for Arizona’s senior statesman, former United States Senator John McCain. Shuttling between Arizona and Washington, D.C. for most of the ‘90s helped McKay understand the power structure inside the beltway. McKay served Senator McCain’s presidential bid as his “whip” during the Republican National Convention in 2008.

A graduate of Northern Arizona University, together with his wife Rebecca, they are raising a sixth generation of Arizonans — sons Jack, Charlie and Sam.